PDG engine v0.9.5
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class  Animated
 something that can be automatically moved, spun or resized over time. More...
class  Color
 color in RGB space, with optional alpha More...
class  ConfigManager
 used for loading and saving application configuration info More...
class  CpArbiter
 arbitrates collisions between sprites using Chipmunk Physics (Chipmunk Physics Only) More...
class  CpConstraint
 describes how two sprites are connected to one another (Chipmunk Physics Only) More...
class  CpSpace
 container for simulating objects (Chipmunk Physics Only) More...
class  Deserializer
 deserialize data from a serialized data stream More...
class  EventEmitter
 Distributes events to event handlers. More...
class  EventManager
 Distributes events to event handlers. More...
class  FileManager
 extras beyond what Node.js FileSystem provides More...
class  Font
 font for text drawing and measuring (GUI Only) More...
class  GraphicsManager
 Used to create and track ports (GUI Only) More...
class  IAnimationHelper
 helper for add-on or complex motion during animation More...
class  IEventHandler
 Interface for any class which handles events. More...
class  Image
 A bitmap image that can be blitted onto the screen. More...
class  ImageStrip
 bitmap image containing a number of frames that can be blitted onto the screen More...
class  ISerializable
 interface for an object which can be serialized More...
class  ISpriteCollideHelper
 helper for deciding whether 2 sprites should collide or not More...
class  ISpriteDrawHelper
 helper for drawing sprite overlays and add-on effects More...
class  LogManager
 used for doing logging with variable debug levels More...
class  MemBlock
 holds arbitrary blocks of memory More...
class  NetClient
 a network endpoint that can initiate a connection More...
class  NetConnection
 sends data between two network endpoints More...
class  NetServer
 a network endpoint that can accept incoming connections More...
class  Offset
 offset within a 2D coordinate system More...
class  Point
 point for 2D coordinate system More...
class  Port
 area in which drawing is done, a viewport (GUI Only) More...
class  Quad
 4 point polygon in 2D system More...
class  Rect
 Rectangle for 2D coordinate system. More...
class  ResourceManager
 used for loading resources More...
class  RotatedRect
 rectangle with rotation for 2D coordinate system. More...
class  Serializer
 serialize data into memory More...
class  Sound
 handles both short sounds and music (GUI Only) More...
class  SoundManager
 used for application wide sound settings and options (GUI Only) More...
class  Sprite
 animated, moving image that is automatically moved, animated, and drawn More...
class  SpriteLayer
 creates and tracks collections of sprites More...
class  TileLayer
 efficiently handles large tile datasets, useful for backgrounds, terrains, etc... More...
class  TimerManager
 manages timers that can fire at a particular time, or repeatedly at an interval More...
class  Vector
 vector (magnitude and direction) within a 2D coordinate system. More...


 captureConsole ()
 cleanupSpriteLayer (SpriteLayer layer)
SpriteLayer createSpriteLayer (Port port=null)
SpriteLayer createSpriteLayerFromSCMLFile (string layerSCMLFilename, boolean addSprites=true, Port port=null)
TileLayer createTileLayer (Port port=null)
 debug (string msg)
 error (string msg)
 fatal (string msg)
ConfigManager getConfigManager ()
EventManager getEventManager ()
FileManager getFileManager ()
GraphicsManager getGraphicsManager ()
LogManager getLogManager ()
ResourceManager getResourceManager ()
SoundManager getSoundManager ()
TimerManager getTimerManager ()
 idle ()
 info (string msg)
 log (string msg)
IEventHandler on (int eventType, function func)
IEventHandler onKeyDown (function func)
IEventHandler onKeyPress (function func)
IEventHandler onKeyUp (function func)
IEventHandler onMouseDown (function func)
IEventHandler onMouseMove (function func)
IEventHandler onMouseUp (function func)
IEventHandler onShutdown (function func)
IEventHandler onTimer (function func)
 openCommandPort (int port=5757)
 openConsole ()
 openDebugger ()
 quit ()
number rand ()
 registerEasingFunction (function easingFunc)
 registerSerializableClass (function klass)
 run ()
 setSerializationDebugMode (bool debugMode)
 srand (uint seed)
 startRepl ()
 trace (string msg)
 warn (string msg)

Function Documentation

pdg::captureConsole ( )
pdg::cleanupSpriteLayer ( SpriteLayer  layer)
SpriteLayer pdg::createSpriteLayer ( Port  port = null)
SpriteLayer pdg::createSpriteLayerFromSCMLFile ( string  layerSCMLFilename,
boolean  addSprites = true,
Port  port = null 
TileLayer pdg::createTileLayer ( Port  port = null)
pdg::debug ( string  msg)
pdg::error ( string  msg)
pdg::fatal ( string  msg)
ConfigManager pdg::getConfigManager ( )
EventManager pdg::getEventManager ( )
FileManager pdg::getFileManager ( )
GraphicsManager pdg::getGraphicsManager ( )
LogManager pdg::getLogManager ( )
ResourceManager pdg::getResourceManager ( )
SoundManager pdg::getSoundManager ( )
TimerManager pdg::getTimerManager ( )
pdg::idle ( )
pdg::info ( string  msg)
pdg::log ( string  msg)
IEventHandler pdg::on ( int  eventType,
function  func 
IEventHandler pdg::onKeyDown ( function  func)
IEventHandler pdg::onKeyPress ( function  func)
IEventHandler pdg::onKeyUp ( function  func)
IEventHandler pdg::onMouseDown ( function  func)
IEventHandler pdg::onMouseMove ( function  func)
IEventHandler pdg::onMouseUp ( function  func)
IEventHandler pdg::onShutdown ( function  func)
IEventHandler pdg::onTimer ( function  func)
pdg::openCommandPort ( int  port = 5757)
pdg::openConsole ( )
pdg::openDebugger ( )
pdg::quit ( )
number pdg::rand ( )
pdg::registerEasingFunction ( function  easingFunc)
pdg::registerSerializableClass ( function  klass)
pdg::run ( )
pdg::setSerializationDebugMode ( bool  debugMode)
pdg::srand ( uint  seed)
pdg::startRepl ( )
pdg::trace ( string  msg)
pdg::warn ( string  msg)

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