PDG engine v0.9.5
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 oCAnimatedSomething that can be automatically moved, spun or resized over time
 oCColorColor in RGB space, with optional alpha
 oCConfigManagerUsed for loading and saving application configuration info
 oCCpArbiterArbitrates collisions between sprites using Chipmunk Physics (Chipmunk Physics Only)
 oCCpConstraintDescribes how two sprites are connected to one another (Chipmunk Physics Only)
 oCCpSpaceContainer for simulating objects (Chipmunk Physics Only)
 oCDeserializerDeserialize data from a serialized data stream
 oCEventEmitterDistributes events to event handlers
 oCEventManagerDistributes events to event handlers
 oCFileManagerExtras beyond what Node.js FileSystem provides
 oCFontFont for text drawing and measuring (GUI Only)
 oCGraphicsManagerUsed to create and track ports (GUI Only)
 oCIAnimationHelperHelper for add-on or complex motion during animation
 oCIEventHandlerInterface for any class which handles events
 oCImageA bitmap image that can be blitted onto the screen
 oCImageStripBitmap image containing a number of frames that can be blitted onto the screen
 oCISerializableInterface for an object which can be serialized
 oCISpriteCollideHelperHelper for deciding whether 2 sprites should collide or not
 oCISpriteDrawHelperHelper for drawing sprite overlays and add-on effects
 oCKeyEventKey down or up event
 oCKeyPressEventUser pressed and released a key
 oCLogManagerUsed for doing logging with variable debug levels
 oCMemBlockHolds arbitrary blocks of memory
 oCMouseEventUser did something with the mouse
 oCMouseTrackingEventMouse entered or left a tracking region (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
 oCNetClientNetwork endpoint that can initiate a connection
 oCNetConnectionSends data between two network endpoints
 oCNetServerNetwork endpoint that can accept incoming connections
 oCOffsetOffset within a 2D coordinate system
 oCPointPoint for 2D coordinate system
 oCPortArea in which drawing is done, a viewport (GUI Only)
 oCPortDrawEventPort needs to be redrawn (GUI Only)
 oCPortResizedEventPort has been resized (GUI Only)
 oCQuad4 point polygon in 2D system
 oCRectRectangle for 2D coordinate system
 oCResourceManagerUsed for loading resources
 oCRotatedRectRectangle with rotation for 2D coordinate system
 oCScrollWheelEventUser repositioned the scroll wheel
 oCSerializerSerialize data into memory
 oCShutdownEventTimer fire event
 oCSoundHandles both short sounds and music (GUI Only)
 oCSoundEventSound completed or is looping (GUI Only)
 oCSoundManagerUsed for application wide sound settings and options (GUI Only)
 oCSpriteAnimated, moving image that is automatically moved, animated, and drawn
 oCSpriteAnimateEventSprite did some animation (Optional)
 oCSpriteBreakEventSprite joint is breaking because it was overstressed (Chipmunk Physics Only)
 oCSpriteCollideEventSprite collided with something (Optional)
 oCSpriteLayerCreates and tracks collections of sprites
 oCSpriteLayerEventSomething happened to this layer
 oCSpriteTouchEventUser clicked on (or touched) a Sprite
 oCTileLayerEfficiently handles large tile datasets, useful for backgrounds, terrains, etc..
 oCTimerEventTimer fire event
 oCTimerManagerManages timers that can fire at a particular time, or repeatedly at an interval
 \CVectorVector (magnitude and direction) within a 2D coordinate system

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