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Vector Class Reference

vector (magnitude and direction) within a 2D coordinate system. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Vector ()
 Vector (number x, number y)
 Vector (number[] xy)
 Vector (object xy)
number dotProduct (Vector vector)
number vectorAngle ()
number vectorLength ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Offset
 Offset ()
 Offset (number x, number y)
 Offset (number[] xy)
 Offset (object xy)
Offset add (Offset offset)
Offset assign (Offset offset)
Offset div (Offset offset)
Offset dividedby (Offset offset)
boolean equals (Offset offset)
Offset minus (Offset offset)
Offset mul (Offset offset)
boolean notEquals (Offset offset)
Offset plus (Offset offset)
Offset sub (Offset offset)
Offset times (Offset offset)

Public Attributes

number x
number y
- Public Attributes inherited from Offset
number x
number y

Detailed Description

vector (magnitude and direction) within a 2D coordinate system.

Point provides support for dealing with vectors as x, y floating point values in 2 dimensional space. A vector is similar to an Offset but can be treated as a magnitude and direction where an Offset can't. The PDG coordinate space starts with the top left corner of the drawing port at Point(0,0) and the bottom left corner at Point( width, height );

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Vector ( )
Vector ( number  x,
number  y 
Vector ( number[]  xy)
Vector ( object  xy)

Member Function Documentation

number dotProduct ( Vector  vector)
number vectorAngle ( )
number vectorLength ( )

Member Data Documentation

number x
number y

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